Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dear Bob Costas,

When I was younger I had a desire to be a world famous sports broadcaster. I watched all of your broadcasts and did everything that I could to study you and what you do. When I received my Eagle Award, I was presented with a picture signed by YOU, congratulating me on this great day. It was a highlight of that day. So, thank you for that.
BUT, after last night, I am done with you. Last night on your HBO show, Costas Now, you had a round table discussion about blogs. The members of this discussion were Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights and an award winning writer, Will Leitch, founder of and Braylon Edwards, WR for the Browns. In the past you have, like many other members of the media, have been highly critical of blogs. So, tonight you invited a moron, Buzz LightYear, to verbally attack Leitch and all other bloggers. Not only did you not stop him, but you helped him and even planned in this occurring. Buzz LightYear, who spent most of the time yelling about how disgusting and profane blogs are, was the most disgusting and profane person at the "discussion". And you did not say a word. Bob, you are not better that Bill O'Rielly, who often attacks Jon Stewart for reporting the "fake" news.
This is for all sports media, especially you Bob and Buzz LightYear, get over yourselves.



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