Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's the Big Deal with the O-Line?

It will probably be a rare occasion that either of the Carter Brothers write about the NFL, especially the NFL Draft; but there are a few things that I want to get off my chest.

First let's talk about the draft in general. The NFL Draft has turned into nothing but a television show, as proven by the NFL not allowing the Rams to start negotiating with who they might pick now that the Dolphins have the deal done for the first pick over all, Jake Long (Left Tackle, Michigan). They want the 10 minutes of suspense and build up that ESPN and the NFL Network are going to give to every single pick, through seven rounds on Saturday and Sunday.

I know that ESPN has done a great job making the NFL "America's Game," but I do find this a bit silly. Trust me, I love booing every Jet draft pick. My brother constantly reminds me that the Jets past on Dan Marino in 1984 and Matt Leinert in 2006 (this stinks since the Jets are without a QB). There are the crazies that go to MSG and will tune into this event, but I would rather read about it later. I get embarrassed for guys like Brady Quinn (he is dreamy) and Aaron Rogers who go to New York only to slip and have everyone in America watch them as they get passed on by team after team. But, thanks to ESPN, people love it.

Yesterday on the radio, Mel Kiper, Jr said that people love the NFL draft because you can see the effects of it immediately (within two or three years). I think that is probably true. It isn't the case with baseball and hockey, since those leagues have the minors. Rarely does an NBA rookie have that kind of impact, said Kiper. Oh really, LaBron, Paul, Wade, Magic. While the NBA draft is televised, it isn't hyped like what will happen this weekend.

I know that you think that I am a NFL hater, but I am not. I just think that it is over done and baseball is much much better!!!

But this post is not meant to bash the NFL draft, but to applaud the Miami Dolphins on their selection of Jake Long with the first pick (I know I am a Jets fan and I hate everything that the Dolphins do, but I am trying to look at this without my usual bias).

I have heard a number of people, whether it is on the radio, around the office, or in the paper question why a club would use the first pick in the draft to take a left tackle. They want to know why they would not take a QB (since the BYU's Beck didn't look too hot last year) or a RB (Darren McFadden is on the board) or even the two defensive studs up there (Glenn Dorsey or Howie Long’s kid, Chris ). Why a left tackle?

In my opinion, outside the quarterback, the left tackle is the most important position on the football field. He literally has the quarterback’s back. When the QB sets in the pocket he has to rely on that left tackle to make sure that he doesn’t get blind-sided in one of those fantastic sacks where it looks like the QB is going to break in half. If you have a good offensive line, especially a left tackle, you give your QB more time and the ability to be successful, without this, your offense is useless, you should just punt of first down.

I think that Jake Long is the right way to go for the Fish. I think that this will give Beck the opportunity to either rise up or fall flat. Last year, without any protection, he didn’t even have time to think about a three step drop.

I am sure everyone in the world will be sitting in front of the TV to watch Kiper and his FANTASTIC hair this weekend talk this all to death. Enjoy, I’ll be at the ballpark, watching the Lord’s game.

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Sam said...

Just so you know...Beck could have the greatest offense line in front of him and it wouldn't help him learn how to throw an accurate pass.