Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't Write Him Off Just Yet

So I went and listened to the Buzz-Lightyear rant that you talked about, and I want you to wait before you write-off Costas.

It is clear that Buzz Bissinger looses his mind. He seems to be up-set that he as "worked 40 years trying to perfect the craft [sports writing]" and that people like Will Leitch are "the future" of the industry."

While you are write that Costas didn't stop him, Bissinger was so out of control. He called blogs obscene and vulgar, yet he couldn't keep from dropping the F-Bomb. Let us remember that Bissinger really has one great book. That book he has pimped out so far that most people don't know that it is both a book and a true story. It is hard to take his "righteous indignation" seriously. For me, when I here him going off, I just hear a sad old man who refuses to change with the times.

First, let's look at a couple things that he said about blogs in general. He said that they are about "speed and dishonesty" and that all blogs are "glib and profaine". I think that blogs are about speed, but that is what the internet age is about. I tell anyone when reading the news online that they are only getting pieces of the story and wait until the morning and you will get the entire story. I think that Peter, Buster, Jason, Tommy Lasorda, and many other quality sports writters/bloggers who work hard to get the fans information as fast as possible wouldn't go on TV and be as profane as Bissinger was. To me this was just Buzz's last stand, it was sad, maybe he is bitter that he can't get a blog?

I do not look at Costas as the bad guy in this. I've watched the clip, I don't think he could have stopped Bissinger from going off. I don't think a frieght train filled with hot chicks wearing Permian High School Panthers or Dillion High School Panthers cheer-leader out-fits could have stopped Bissinger from his tirade. You may want to blame Bob for producing the set-up, but I am not too sure about that.

In the clip that I heard, Costas tried to derail the conversation three times. First he tried his hand at humor, but Buzz wouldn't stop. Next he interrupted him, saying "okay, that's enough." Buzz stopped on the current point but quickly jumped back on. Finally Bob said, "that's a generalization," as Bissinger defined how he saw blogs.

Now it may all be true, and I may have my head in the clouds on this, but I think you should give Bob a mulligan on this one. He is your boy, Blue. I really don't think that he could have stopped Buzz, and now Buzz has lost any hope of having any readership.

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