Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SportsCenter. Agenda Setter

What Thom wrote about may be the thing that drives me the MOST nuts about ESPN...their love affair with all things Football. I know that Thom called yesterday morning vent to Amy about "Mike and Mike" being only about the upcoming NFL draft (2 WEEKS AWAY!) and not at all about Jackie Robinson day (YESTERDAY!!) and then to go home to have to deal with a Sports Center Special and SCHEDULES BEING RELEASED!!! That is ridiculous. Yesterday there were a lot more topics that could have/should have done a special on and to choose something about football shows how blind ESPN is to most of the sports world.

My question for you is, does ESPN have so much Football talk (NFL Live EVERYDAY, Spring Football Games, Schedule Specials, MEL Freakin KIPER) because that is what America wants or has ESPN created this obsession?

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