Thursday, April 17, 2008

O'Brien isn't as bad as . . .

Sam and I talked about this last night and he expressed these same frustrations to me over the phone.

Then I reminded him that I was in the car and the only radio feed I could get was the Yankee Feed. While I think that John Sterling is a good broadcaster (I could do without the "Yankees win THEEEEEEEE Yankees WIN"), his partner might just be worse than O'Brien, and even worse that Joe Morgan.

Suzyn Waldman is just plain aweful. There were about four times I wanted to turn off the game because she was talking. Sam is right about O'Brien being a "spouse cheater" - Waldman is like that crazy Aunt who has opinions about everything, and 95% of them are wrong. You have to listen to that Aunt because she is family, in this case you have to listen to Waldman because that is the only way to listen to the game.

Not only was it a crazy, nightmare of a game, but it looks like the Carter Brothers both had bad broadcasting experiences last night too.

PS - Here is when she cried after the Yankee season ended last year. LINK

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